History of Vertical Dance

In this section of my research I present choreographers, performers, practitioners and companies who have contributed to the development and dissemination of vertical dance through their research and creations. I have considered artists who have worked primarily in high-level dance.Their creations are representative of various themes that relate more generally to site-specific performance in urban space. In the history of vertical dance, each of these artists represents a different approach and a unique vision. On buildings, in urban and rural environments, on historic architectures, in nature, in the mountains, in trees, in the theatre, suspended from a crane, from a bridge; each of these personal paths of movement on vertical planes reveals first-hand, personal experience, process, passion and performance. The presentation begins with the Timeline, a chronological order of vertical dance artists from 1960 to the present, occasionally followed by the Map referring to the spread of vertical dance that includes almost all existing companies in the world. 
Completing the presentation is the screening of a collection of rare edited short videos in a single 40-minute film.

History of Vertical Dance | trailer
by Wanda Moretti
Sound Design Marco Castelli
Editing Video Furio Ganz
Courtesy by the Companies
Production 2018 Il Posto

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