Vertical Dance Routes
by Wanda Moretti


Vertical Dance Routes is mainly a long research of vertical dance that has encompassed almost my entire life and my interest as an artist and choreographer. It introduces and documents the evolution of vertical dance from its inception until the present day. Tracing the history of this unique art form at an incredible moment of invention, is is a commitment to present and future generations. The research is divided into three parts: First Generation, Moon and the Movement, Reason.

I am not a writer so I preferred another writing system of storytelling, each of these publications is a video accompanied by my voice.


How did the history of perpendicular movement to the wall begin?Learning to walk and move on the vertical plane at different angles. What did the moon landing leave us with?


Vertical dance was born out of the extreme need to bring spaces, artists and audiences together in a new way of seeing the universe as a unified whole of body and space.


How did each artist's movement/dance/choreography develop? What was the motivation for the artists to develop vertical dance, even though they did not yet call it that?

Origin and History of Vertical Dance by Wanda Moretti
past lectures 2018- 2022

Irish Aerial Dance Festival   
directed by Chantal McCormik
10th July 2018
An Griánan Theater
co-founded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
Letterkenny, Ireland, EU

San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival
directed by Joanna Haigood    
12th August 2018
Fort Mason
Centre for Arts and Culture
Festival Pavillon  
San Francisco, California, USA

L'ascension de la Danse Verticale
directed by Fabrice Guillot
15th May 2019
Bibliotéque National de France
 BNF - François Mitterand 
co-founded by Creative Europe 
Paris, France, EU  

Vertical Dance Fusion
directed by Anett Simmen
17th Sept 2021
Company Vola Stage Art
Teufelsberg Berlin
Berlin, Germany, EU

History of Vertical Dance

Department of Theatre and Dance, Wyoming University
12th August 2022
Berry Biodiversity Center
Skip Harper Fund
Laramie, USA

To the moon and back

Department of Theatre and Dance, Wyoming University
To the Moon and back - 15th August 2022 
Vertical Dance Connections - Performance 17th August
Buchannan Center for the Performing Arts
Skip Harper Fund
Laramie, USA
Thinking Dance
In all the equipment pieces the choreographic decisions, time, place, order of movements, kinds of movements, the nature of the sound (for example, dialogue) are strictly governed by the choice of equipment. The movement and language are generated in terms of the most economical use of the equipment. It is hard to imagine anyone choosing or inventing those particular movements or that language outside of the chosen equipment situation. 

Trisha Brown, September 1972

photo courtesy of NASA/Langley Research Center LaRC 

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